Forget Musing…I’m Ranting

I’ve had a lot on my mind in the last couple of weeks.  Part of me wants to go on an absolute rant about the stupidity and absurdity of a legal system that assumes “a child’s interest is always best served by a biological parent,” but another part of me knows that won’t solve a blasted thing and could make matters worse in the legal battle my DH and I are waging to keep our grand-daughter with us in the only stable home she’s ever known in the almost seven years of her little life.  She’s been with us since she was eighteen months old. 
            I also want to go off on an obscenity laced rant at the Belfast City Council (as in Belfast, Northern Ireland) for their utter disregard and complete cruelty to the Labrador/bulldog cross named Lennox and his family. He languished for over two years in a secret kennel. Officially, Lennox was humanely destroyed on July 11, but his family wasn’t allowed the opportunity to even tell him good-bye.  Frankly, because of the manner that the City Council of Belfast handled this and turned it into a media circus and utter fiasco, I’m inclined to believe that as soon as the last appeal was exhausted, Lennox was destroyed at that point.  What was Lennox’s crime?  He “looked” like an “illegal pit bull type” of dog, even though DNA proved Lennox didn’t even have any of the breeds deemed “pit bull” in his genetic makeup.  He was exactly what his owners said he was—a mongrel cross of Labrador Retriever and bulldog.  
Seriously?  HE LOOKED LIKE A PIT BULL and for that he was destroyed?  His DNA said he wasn’t a “pit bull type,”  but he looked like one, therefore he had to be one, and so sad, so sorry, too bad, he had to be destroyed because he was a total menace to society.  Mommas lock up your babies, because this dog could turn on them in an instant.  And, Lennox was put to death because of a knee-jerk reaction to the fear of the dreaded pit bull and the vast majority of BSL (breed specific legislation) language is written by people who are militant animal right’s activists. 
            I want to state up front that I am NOT an animal right’s activist.  The vast majority of the animal rights movement is about one thing and one thing only—and that is ending the human/animal bond.  Don’t believe me?  Go to PETA’s website ( and the H$U$ website ( and start reading.  And, no, that is not a typo in H$U$…they are all about the money and trust me when I say that less than 1% of the funds they get from those tear-jerker commercials will ever get to your local humane shelter…but that’s a whole other blog.  However, I am a strong believer that we have the responsibility and the divine command to care for those creatures we share this planet with.  If what I was taught as a child that we are to be caretakers of this planet and our fellow beings, to quote Desi Arnez, we got “some ‘splainin’ to do.”
GCh. Bandor’s the Wyching Hour
            This still isn’t the tangent I want to run off on.  Let’s go back to Lennox’s crime of “looking” like an “illegal pit bull type” of dog.  Let’s make this a little more immediate…according to the BSL in Belfast there are certain measurements of a dog’s physical anatomy that make it a “pit bull type.”  And these measurements indicate a dog could be dangerous.  According to these measurements of body type, this handsome guy is a “pit bull type” and it shocks me, because the American Kennel Club says not only is he a smooth-coated collie, he’s a grand champion.  That means, at least three different judges thought he looked enough like a collie to be a collie, they awarded him enough points to be a champion, and then a minimum of five more judges thought he looked enough like a collie to award him enough points to become a grand champion.  But, hey, measurements count…forget all about breed type and DNA.
So, I guess when people were trying to figure out who was going to be a criminal in the late 1800s and early 1900s by measuring a person’s skull, they weren’t that far off.  Because if the measurements of a dog’s body proportions means that dog COULD BE dangerous, then someone who has a skull that fits those strange beliefs about criminality could become a criminal.  So, what do we need a legal system and criminal justice system for?  Let’s just start measuring people’s skulls and if those skulls fall into the parameters for possible criminal behavior, let’s just take those people out and lock them up for the rest of their natural lives—or better yet, the ones who most closely fit the measurements, let’s just cut to the chase and give those people a lethal injection. 
Please tell me that everyone can see the sheer stupidity in that kind of thinking—but it’s the same thinking that has led to BSL—the same thinking that went into the BSL in Denver, Miami, New York City, Detroit even when research has shown, again and again, that BSL does not reduce the incidence of dog bites.  If it looks like a “pit bull” it must be one and EVERYONE knows that these type of dogs are a menace to society and dangerous. 

American Staffordshire Terrier
Bull Terrier
BULL SHIT!  Pardon my language, or don’t, but I will repeat BULL SHIT!  Breeds of dogs, and even types of dogs (as in pit bull type, which by the way, isn’t even a breed, but several breeds all lumped under the designation “pit bull”) are not natural born killers.  
Yes, I will admit, there are a lot of breeds of dogs out there that have had the instinct to protect honed to a razor’s edge and must be homed with people who know what they’re doing with these dogs, and there isn’t a dog on the planet that can’t be made to be aggressive, but there isn’t a breed out there that is born with a killer instinct that will turn on a human at the drop of a hat.  No more than someone with certain skull dimensions will become a criminal. 
We need to end all BSL.  Punish the deed, not the breed…or the skull dimensions of the humans…though perhaps in the case of the members of the Belfast City Council, the thickness of their skulls needs to be measured.  I cannot even begin to fathom the backlash their refusal to grant clemency is going to create.
            R.I.P., Lennox…
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