So, I have Susan’s edits back for Gossamer Dreams and while I’ve been puttering around with Cole and Rebecca’s story, I realized this evening that I don’t want to play in their little world right now.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really like Rebecca and I like Cole (even though he can be such a JACKWAGON at times), but my heart just isn’t hammering for either one of them at the moment.  (And, I know, that’s trouble…with a capital T.) 
I try really hard not to be a fickle Creator and favor one couple I’ve created over another.  I really, really do.  However, I find myself really liking another couple.  I’m forcing myself to keep working on the edits for Gossamer Dreams.  I recently read an article by a multi-published author who said that he loves being an author but he hates to write.  Right now, I know exactly what that feels like.  I’ll be hashing out how to resolved a plot point in Gossamer Dreamsand my Muse wanders in with a scene from my current WIP and I have to tell Her, “STOP IT!  I don’t need any more back story for those two.  Stop tempting me to go play in that little world.”
I’m trying all kinds of mind games with myself to stay with Cole and Rebecca, including signing up for “Sneak Peek Sunday” over at my friend’s blog on Cowboy Charm.  I’ve also given myself my own deadline, even though Susan said there really wasn’t one.  I’ve given myself until February 10thto get these edits done and back to Susan. 
That all being said, here’s my six paragraphs for “Sneak Peek Sunday,” fresh from the edits of Gossamer Dreams. It’s the opening scene in the novel. 
“What does he say in the letter?” Beth demanded.
Rebecca clutched the latest letter from Dr. Nicholas Archer in the small town of Federal, Wyoming Territory, and stared out the window of Beth’s cold-water flat onto the narrow streets of Brooklyn. A butcher’s wagon made its way down the street, pulled by a rail-thin horse. Dogs of all sizes and shapes trailed the wagon, their only shared traits a desperate hunger and emaciated frames.
Rebecca moved from the window as several filthy street urchins threw rocks and sticks at the starving dogs. “He says he wants to marry me,” she finally murmured.
“Rebecca, that is wonderful. It will solve all your problems.” Beth crossed the tiny room and drew on a shawl against the damp chill permeating the flat.
“Or create even more.” Rebecca pulled a hand down over her stomach, attempting to smooth away wrinkles from the somber widow’s weeds. “I have to tell him the truth, Beth.”
“Tell him what? That you’re in a delicate condition? That some miserable excuse for a man lied to you, told you he loved you, told you he wished to marry you, took advantage of you and when you got into this state, called you all kinds of horrid names? As if you got into this condition all by yourself…Rebecca, any man desperate enough to marry a mail-order bride is hardly in any position to refuse you.”
Okay…can I go play on the train with the couple in my WIP? I’ve been a good writer and worked with Cole and Rebecca for about an hour…please?
Wanna see more sneak peeks from other incredible, talented writers?  Go to Cowboy Charm and you’ll find more.

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