Negativity can and does suck the joy out of everything.  Some people only see the negative in life, create a negative environment around themselves, and then want to see the glass as half empty instead of half full.  No matter what you do, people like this do not want to see how full the glass is and would much rather complain about the emptiness.
I was slammed up against a harsh wall this weekend at the collie specialty shows over in Ohio.  I’m not complaining about the judging.  I’ve been in this game long enough to know that judging is subjective and all I can do is be sure that the dogs I present in the ring are as prepared as they possibly can be for judging on that day.  No, I didn’t win, but that doesn’t change the fact that the dogs I had were presented to the very best of my ability.  Just because I think my dogs walk on water doesn’t mean others do.  Subjective, remember? 
That harsh wall rather was a rude awakening and not entirely subjective.  I was put into an incredibly difficult situation by a person that I thought would have known better.  One of the dogs I was showing this weekend was a pregnant mommy…who should have been home in the whelping box, NOT IN MY VAN PLAYING DOG SHOW.  The moment my girls get to that two week window prior to whelping, the ONLY place they go is the whelping box and out to the exercise pen and then back into the whelping box.  This poor girl went into labor at the show.  Thanks to a lot of friends, the situation was resolved as best as it could be.  One friend volunteered her van to take the mommy to the hotel.  One of the bright and sweet young women who went with me to the show to help took the mommy dog to the hotel.  Another friend went with this young woman. 
Yes, it worked as well as could be.  The original handler of the collie girl came to get her from the hotel.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, none of the puppies survived.  I trust the young woman who whelped these puppies and believe her when she said when they left, they were all warm and nursing and doing well.  This young woman has been involved with dogs, showing, and raising puppies all of her life.  Mommy dog was in very capable hands.
I was saddened to see that a ten cent ribbon was more important than this poor girl.  Whether or not the puppies were born prematurely (and I don’t think they were, because they were fairly good sized and fully coated), that poor mommy dog should not have been at the show.  I was angry with the disregard shown by the handler for the dog and the dog’s owner.  Never mind that with that girl being with me, and having puppies at the show site—even if she was not my dog—I could have been suspended by the American Kennel Club.  What infuriated me was all the text messages trying to apologize for putting me in this situation—not a word about how upset this person was on how this could have gone so wrong for this young collie—and the coup de gracewas the last text message asking me not to take my anger out on the other two dogs from this handler I still had with me that I was showing.  EXCUSE ME??????  Take my anger out on the dogs? 
I may joke about having an “evil persona” but I would NEVER take my anger out on a defenseless animal.  That was the message which did send me over the edge and made me realize that the negativity this person carries has become so pervasive in this person’s life that this person could even think I would stoop to that.  That was when I realized I had to be done with that kind of negativity and sever ties.  It hurt me.  It hurt me deeply, for a lot of reasons, because I was friends with this person.  But, I cannot continue to allow that kind of negativity in my life.  Negativity breeds negativity, and I don’t want to be a negative person.  I’d rather see the glass as half full.
So, to the young ladies who were with me to help me groom and show the dogs, to the people who stepped up and helped in every way they could in this less than optimum situation, to the people who put an arm around me and just gave me a hug, a huge heart-felt thank you.  You guys are truly the best.

One thought on “Negativity”

  1. And we share that same commitment, that love and passion for the wellbeing of every dog on the crew. We love you Lynda and these dogs, it made me feel great to see how many people jumped in to help with such a bad situation. This past weekend reminded me why Im so thankful to be involved in this breed, even without the ribbons. Some people just cant grow up enough to realize whiney negativity will get you no where in life, among other things.


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