Review of *To Tame a Montana Heart*

I just finished reading Dawn Luedecke’s western historical romance To Tame a Montana Heart. Let me say up front that this was a laugh out loud in many parts read. This romance was also unique in that this was the first I’ve ever read which incorporated a lost camel. But, who wouldn’t fall in love with a dromedary named “Clyde”?  Or a daschund puppy named “Killler”? Even though many of the standard tropes were included in this novel, it never read clichéd. There were cattle rustlers, rodeo events, horse racing (an event that Clyde won—you have to read the novel to find out why and how), an evil twin, and cliff hanging danger.
The characters were well drawn and as the book drew to a close, I found myself wishing for more. Dusty Larson is an incredibly deep character, full of surprises. All she wants to do is ranch work, and she’s a cracker-jack bronco buster. House-keeping is certainly not high on her list of priorities. Travis Simms is practically oozing with sensuality, but after a disastrous relationship, he is not in the market for anything even resembling a wife or marriage. All he wants to do is build his hotel. 
I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good western historical romance. It had me turning the pages.

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