Things that Go Bump in the Night

Because it’s almost Halloween and because I’m homesick (aren’t I always?) this blog is going to take a tour of some of the most haunted places in Wyoming in no particular order. Wyoming has been described as a large plateau broken by mountain ranges and is best known for its assortment of wildlife, the Yellowstone National Park, its massive size, and a place that has always held women’s rights extremely high. It is the ninth largest state in the United States and has had a rich history involving fur trappers, Native Americans, the cattle industry, and vast amounts of different people coming to this land for a new change. What can be said of some of these people is they left behind their history, legacy, or families. But, what if they left something else behind? Maybe a little too much behind. What if they left their spirits?
5) St Mark’s Episcopal Church, Cheyenne: A Bell Tower For A Spirit

This church dates back to the year of 1868 and the work on the bell tower started in 1886, but was not continued until 1926. It seems that the two Swedish stonemasons who were working on the bell tower mysteriously disappeared. Construction halted many a time because it seemed that a spirit kept interrupting the workers when they were hard at work. This was at the point in which the construction crew decided that it would probably be a good idea to build a room for the spirit so that it may leave them in peace. It was agreed upon by the reverend. The room is still accessible, but you’ll have to take an 85 foot spiral staircase down into the basement. Good luck with that. Who was the ghost? It was confessed by one of the stonemasons in 1966 that his friend who had been working with him in 1886 had fallen to his death. The remaining stonemason believing that he might be accused of murder panicked and put his friend’s body in an open part of the foundation. So, the stonemason is encased somewhere in there, but at least he has his own room.
4) Old Wyoming State Penitentiary, Rawlins: The Old Pen

This state penitentiary went out of service in the 1980s. It is a historical tourist site now and has had a report of many supernatural sightings. The most common occurrences are strange voices in the cells, a feeling of being tense, and seeing people disappearing around corners. There was a paranormal investigation into these and many other occurrences and what was found was non-specific but included the areas of the shower, death row, the gas chamber, the hold, and specific cells (including one in which the prisoner’s artwork was hung on the walls). Recently restored was the women’s facility and the chapel which are said to possess paranormal activity as well. The shower area is said to hold a lot of malice and is very cold. One prisoner was the victim of a very vicious attack in the shower. Also there is a story of an inmate who was hung by two inmates and when he did not die he was hung again until he died. With how screwed up everyone was, no wonder it is haunted.
3) Dean/Summer House, Rawlins: One Pissed Off Witch
This place was the site of terrifying haunting in the 1970s. The family noticed odd scratching noises coming from inside the walls. The lights kept going on and off, but rewiring would not help. Both the families in this duplex noticed a sinister presence back by the garage. Young Mark Summer was once tossed about five feet by the Garage Witch (as the family called it). When they cornered a dark female shape in the garage black tentacles began to come from the apparition. It paralyzed one of the women until the other set her free. Blessing helped the hauntings somewhat, but supposedly the malevolent presence is still felt. Later it was found that there was a small church graveyard here in the early 1900s. While most of the bodies were moved to the Rawlins Cemetery, it seems that two weren’t accounted for. They are believed to be buried underneath the general area of the garage.
2) Shoshone Bar, Lovell: A Bar of Supernatural Circumstances

This has been quoted by many as one of the most haunted spots in all of Wyoming. The sixty year old tavern has had strange electrical problems, loud banging noises, unexplained strange voices, floating money, and ghostly forms. Many of the former owners are said to be announcing they are still around by creating sounds of keys turning in locks or the tumbler on the combination safe going off. Ted Louie is the resident famous ghost who was a candy salesman and the subject of a nationwide man hunt in the 1940s. He felt a little strange when he was at the Shoshone Bar so the bartender dropped him off at the hotel, but he was never seen again. He didn’t check into the hotel. Everyone searched for him including the FBI, but nothing turned up. So, now he haunts the hotel and it is almost always in the basement.
1) Sweetwater County Library, Green River: Don’t Mess With A Cemetery

Since the day this library opened in 1980 it has been nothing but supernatural disaster. Electrical appliances are known to go on and off in an unexplainable manner, books fly off the shelf at night, and strange voices and flapping noises are heard throughout the library. Balls of light have been seen wandering around in the closed art gallery by the director. Typewriters (back when people actually used such things) have been seen typing on their own, gates swinging wildly by their own accord and many times the recorder has turned on by itself and records the air around it. Clicks can be heard on the recordings along with a loud breathing. The most alarming is when you flip the tape over. You will hear silence until halfway through you hear a girl scream, “Hello.” Maintenance has also reported a ghost hanging around in the multipurpose room at night. When it was looked at directly it flew towards the ceiling and made a large popping noise when it hit the ceiling. There is a reason for these occurrences. It seems that the library was built on a cemetery from the 1860s. Graves were moved in the 1920s but bodies were missed and they kept coming up in the 1940s and then again in 1983 and then in 1985 a child’s coffin was found also. (Note to self: NEVER, EVER, EVER build something over a graveyard.)

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