Saying "Thank you"

I received the cover for my latest novel, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press. I LOVE this cover. It appears simple, but more and more detail emerges, the longer I look at it. I LOVE it!
Because of events in the novel, I don’t have the usual dedication page within Smolder on a Slow Burn. However there are people that I want to thank for making this novel everything that it is.
 First of all, I want to thank my awesome editor, Anne. Even though she’s on the other side of the pond and there were some language barriers (I know that what we speak here in America isn’t quite the “King’s English”), working with her has been a wonderful experience and I hope to be able to work with her again when I submit another historical to TWRP.
I want to thank Nancy and Sarah for being the first people to read the very first rough draft of Smolder. Both of these ladies had great insights into the novel and offered suggestions that ultimately made the story stronger. Yes, Nancy, I know you still hate the title.
I also want to thank Jacque and Tenna for listening to my ranting and raving about this novel. I will admit I was quite obsessed with both the hero and heroine when I started to write this novel and you two ladies let me babble like the proverbial brook to you both. Jacque, the work you did on that cavalry officer’s uniform still has me in awe and every time I look at it hanging in my office, I get chills. Tenna, your comment of “It happens in the best of families,” still makes me laugh.
Nicole, how can I thank you for talking me through writing one of the roughest chapters/scenes I have ever written? Your insights and advice have been invaluable. Thank you.
Karen, for letting me read aloud parts of scenes that I didn’t think were working right, thank you.
You ladies are the best!

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