What Dreams Are Made Of

GCh. Wych’s Prince of Summer “Snape”
photo credit: Erin Gorney/Fuzzy Feet Photography
So, I’m sitting at my desk, thinking about nothing in general and watching Dixie sleeping in her whelping box. And, that got me to thinking in a very specific direction. This is the first planned breeding I have done in more than six years. The last litters three years ago I had weren’t planned by me, but they were planned by Junior, who climbed the fence while we were on vacation to be in the same large yard with the girls who were in season. Thanks, Junior…NOT. But, even that wasn’t bad because one of the girls Junior bred, while it wasn’t the optimum breeding I would have done with her, still combined pedigrees and blended well. The only puppy, Miss Ziva, from that litter shown finished her championship under both all-breed and specialty judges. Ziva carries a legacy pedigree, through being line-bred on GCh Wych’s Prince of Summer—Snape. There are genetics she carries that many thought had been lost.

Wych’s Where Honor Lies “Dixie”
photo credit: Tenna Perry
But this breeding…this was planned from the time I brought Dixie home. When I brought her home, Vander was already a grand champion and nationally ranked. As she grew and matured, the reasons to do this breeding became more and more clear. Where she needs help and improving, he is strong. Where he needs improving, she is rock solid. This is strictly a phenotypical breeding. Vander is a blend of some of the strongest, most prolific champion producing bloodlines in modern collies. Dixie carries much of those same bloodlines, but she also carries a legacy pedigree. Part of her bloodline is no longer available anymore. The genetics she carries from her grand-sire —Snape—are the legacy.
GCh. Bandor’s The Wyching Hour “Vander”
photo credit: Johanna Lance
And this breeding has me thinking. More like dreaming. And hoping. At this stage of the game, while waiting for her to have her babies, I’m just praying for a healthy litter. But, I can’t stop the dreams from creeping into the mix…dreams of elegant, showy tri smooths, of glorious, dark-coated sable roughs…

Oh, the stuff that dreams are made of.

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