The last blog post here was from Vander–he decided to take over my blog to write about our summer vacation. I have to rebut a few things he wrote, because he wasn’t completely accurate. I suppose that’s what I get for letting my dog write my blog.

I’m also part of a blog hop with this blog post at Christina Cole’s How I Spent My Summer Vacation.

Anyway, here is my rebuttal to Vander’s post:

            Dear Dog! 
            First of all, Van—dear, love, one of the lights of my life—I am not attempting to lead break your daughters because as of this writing, they are only six weeks old. They’re barely weaned. I understand time to dogs is a bit different than it is to people, but six weeks isn’t old enough to even think about starting that. And to call the mother of your children hard-headed is not a wise move, especially considering how the mission to get Dixie to conceive was accomplished. (You don’t want your secret fetish with plastic bags to come out, do you?)
            Secondly, yes, I did make a lot of show leads, but those leads are sold to help support YOUR show career. If you want a new show lead, say so. Honestly, I would think you’d want to stay with the lead you win on—but, hey, your move, chief. And, I watched Man of Steel no more than five or six times this summer. (As a trip to Wyoming didn’t happen this summer, I needed something really pretty to look at, other than your beautiful face.) I fail to see how you can be sick of it when you were only sleeping in my office one time when I was watching Man of Steel and I had the headphones on the whole time. We won’t talk about all the times you wanted to watch the Lassie movie, because, Dude, that’s a boy. Thank you, though, for noting I have been working on a third novel.
            Also, teasing your big brother is not a wise move. Arizona could flatten your pretty butt to the ground any time he wanted. He just doesn’t because he’s a gentleman. And your cousin is NOT a jerk. Wyatt is just a high-energy, very self-confident male—rather like yourself. Speaking of the collies at Jacque’s, you forgot to mention that one of your girlfriends who lives there was also at the shows in Biloxi and she gave Dealie a run for her money all four days we were there. Forgetting to mention Daisy could have hurt Jacque’s feelings so try to be a bit more careful with what you post on my blog, if you ever guest post again (and I’m thinking it will be a cold day somewhere before I let you do that).
            Yes, you did get it right that Tenna and I will be neighbors with Jacque AND DICK in the foreseeable future in Tennessee, but you forgot to mention that Dave, Tenna’s husband and Ken were also involved in this purchase. (We really need to talk about your jealousy issues with other males—regardless of the species!) And, Jacque informs me that the pot-bellied pig IS NOT—I repeat—IS NOT to be chased, harassed, tormented, or annoyed in any manner. Eating her is off the table, too.
            Adding the Piper story as a post-script…Vander, really? That is every dog owner’s worst nightmare, that their beloved pet gets lost, gets found, and then won’t be returned to them. There isn’t enough bandwidth to discuss how sickened I am with Penny Sanderbeck and her so-called rescue operating under the name “Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue.” Yes, we have been following that story since the twisted tale began in late April and while I appreciate you chiming in with your meme of “Bring Piper Home,” you could have given the story a bit more prominence in your blog post. I think we need to talk about your organizational skills when it comes to writing, too. You could have at least shared a link or two so that people who don’t know what’s going on could read up on how utterly messed-up that whole story is. Like this link:
            After this experience, I don’t think I’ll be letting any of my dogs guest blog for me again. Sorry, Snape…tell Vander about it. He blew it.
            If you click the link embedded in Christina’s name at the beginning of the blog, it will take you to the main page for this hop where you can check out a lot more summer vacation reads. There’s also a rafflecopter contest where you could win all kinds of neat prizes, including an Amazon gift card. Go to Christina’s page and show her some love, too.


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